CCC & Evens Jean Help Build A New Haiti

The following is an account from Evens Jean, a social worker and missionary, and Pastor Tom Pokorni of the Community Christian Church (CCC).  Evens Jean recently visited his homeland Haiti to provide relief support along with colleagues Pastor Eddy Gervais of CCC, Pastor Tom Pokorni, Founder of Agape Force – Miami, and Mr. Michael Nozile, Executive Director of Gang Alternative, a ministry of CCC.  Jean and Pokorni shares their journey and photos with Media Make Change in hopes of raising awareness about the devastation in Haiti.  With this account, they provides us with another perspective not too much highlighted within the mainstream media; one based solely on hope, love, and inspiration.

Evens Jean In Haiti, February 2010.

Many thanks for your prayers during my trip to Haiti! It was a long, emotionally draining week, but now I’m safely in back Miami.

We flew into Santo Domingo last Saturday and endured a bumpy, 8-hour bus ride to Port-au-Prince. What we saw there left us drained and sobered. The pictures on TV hadn’t prepared us for the squalor and poverty we encountered.

Government building in shambles.

Pastor Eddy

Hundreds of thousands of families have lost everything. Block after block, buildings are flattened, like the Ministry of Transportation and Communication government building. Over a million people are now living in tents, which are often little more than sheets stretched over sticks. I shutter to think of what will happen when the rainy season begins in a few months.

During the week we saw almost no food distribution by any agencies on the ground. But we were able to give more than $9,000 in cash directly to victims of the earthquake, and distribute medical supplies. I was constantly amazed at the resiliency of the Haitian people. I don’t know how they’re able to pick up the few pieces left of their lives and continue to go on, but they are. They will.

In truth, things are so bad that if I didn’t know God I would say there is no hope for Haiti. Every government building is crumbled, and millions of people have no jobs, no hope for jobs, no visible assistance, no working government, and no food – nothing.

Tent City

Haiti National Palace

(Left) My cousin, Junald Delinois, who's wife died in the earthquake.

Junald's daughter who is left without a mother.

But I have faith in God, and it is because of this faith that makes me want to do more for Haiti. I am praying for God’s direction so that I can be as effective as possible in helping rebuild Haiti. I think that with my background in social work, education, and missions, I am uniquely qualified to help shape a new Haiti in some small way. I pray that God will open the right door(s), and covet the prayers from others around the world.

As Haiti slips out of the news headlines, I humbly ask that you keep our brothers and sisters in your thoughts and prayers.  We’ve got a long way to go to rebuild lives and restore land, but I believe when all is said and done, the world will know a new and better Haiti.

If you would like more information about donating to Haiti, please visit and click on the link “Donation For Haiti.”  Thank you very much for your assistance. May God continue to bless you and Media Make Change.

Working with children in Haiti

Evens Jean was born and raised in Les Cayes, Haiti, which is situated southwest of the capital city, Port-au-Prince.  In 1996, at the age of thirteen, he moved to Miami with his family. After college, Jean worked as a Case Worker for two years mostly serving a large community of Haitians in Miami. He now works as a Youth Development Specialist & Life Coach for HANDY (Helping Abused Neglected Disadvantaged Youth) of Broward County. Jean is a member of the Community Christian Church and regularly travels with the church to Haiti, where he and others provide support and relief for children and families in surrounding areas.

Evens Jean holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Florida State University.

If you or someone else would like to share your story, or find out more ways to get involved with relief efforts, please visit Project Haiti Speaks.


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6 Comments to CCC & Evens Jean Help Build A New Haiti

  1. Evens Jean says:

    Just wanted to say thank you to Tara and the staff of Media Make Change for their hardwork in publishing our story.

    Pastor Tom Pokorni, Mr. Michael Nozile, Pastor Eddy and I are currently working on a proposal to get funding to start a youth program in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. We figured that there in no better way to help Haiti at this time than to invest in its children and youth. With school being closed at this time, these young men and women have no other place to go but to wonder in the streets of Port-Au-Prince with no hope of having a normal life again. So that’s where we come in: To deliver HOPE in a holistic approach.

    “As long as there is hope for the youth, there will be hope for the future and there is no better time to act than the present.” -Evens JEAN

  2. Charvelle says:

    I’m happy you and your Pastor made it safe back Evens. However, continue to do what you do in Haiti and I’ll continue to keep you guys in my prayer.

  3. May GOD blessing always shine on the CCC. cause this was my first church in Miami and I thank GOD that HE pick this church for me when I was young cause I would have been worser than I’m now but by the grace of GOD that I can say that me and my families are o.k. by HIS grace. I sorry for not introducing myself, my name is Patrick Carvil and I really would like to hear from Pastor Tom and I hope that the grace of GOD will make me find him in peace and tell him that Antony Georges is in Haiti and life just been so hard on us is why we had never tried to get contact and I found this info on the net. May GOD bless the CCC always. Desperately waiting on respond, please forgive me for being desperate

  4. Evens Jean says:

    Hey Patrick! I hope this finds you well. Call the church at (305)758-2200. Sorry for just now replying but I haven’t had the time to keep up with the blog…I’m in Haiti now, working as a full time missionary so if there is anything I can do to help, please call me (509)3-787-1282. Hang on brother!

  5. […] Likewise, Evens Jean – born and raised in Haiti and currently serving as a youth development specialist for HANDY in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – dropped everything and went to Haiti to assist the people and his family. He said he knows first-hand the importance of communication and the role of Project Haiti Speaks in helping Haitians contribute to the narrative of this disaster and recovery. He told his story on the Media Speaks’ blog. […]

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