Produce your next project with MEDIA MAKE CHANGE!

  • Are you thinking about CREATING a supplemental media literacy curriculum for your next project?
  • Perhaps, you’re thinking about ORGANIZING a professional development workshop for your organization or school.
  • Maybe you’re looking for experienced video & social media campaign producers to PRODUCE your next Kickstarter, Indiegogo or RocketHub campaign video.

MEDIA MAKE CHANGE specializes in each area with a proven track record of success. MMC’s work is different from other organizations in that we customizes each individual project to meet our partners’ needs.  While we do offer general tips and suggestions to our Media Speaks! readers, we do not produce generic templates and designs with the intent of reaching as many clients as possible.

Instead, we take time to tailer and craft curricula, professional development workshops, and campaign videos that stand alone to serve diverse communities.

Over the last two years, MEDIA MAKE CHANGE has built a reputation of providing quality services to organizations and socially conscious companies. We have positioned ourselves as one of the leading think tanks in media literacy education and innovation. We strive to meet our partners needs in content development, design, and multimedia production. With our blog Media Speaks! we also aim to cultivate an online community of thought leadership in media and education.

Learn more about MEDIA MAKE CHANGE’s founder and president, Tara L. Conley.

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