Tara L. Conley is the Founder and President of Media Make Change, LLC. Her vision for Media Make Change involves years of academic and professional work with digital media technology.

Tara’s professional background includes working as a writer, communications specialist, new media campaign strategist, and digital video producer for organizations such as YouthNoise, Inc., Brave New Films, and The Schott Foundation (see video reel). Her work on culture, social media, and technology has been published in Ms. Magazine, EBONYSkirt! MagazineNew America Media, The Huffington Post, and YouthNoise (now Tara has presented at conferences and workshops across the country sharing knowledge on how digital and social media can be used to promulgate ideas, showcase advocacy work, and cultivate community.

Interviewing WNBA All-Star and Olympian Lisa Leslie

Tara holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from The University of Houston (Magna Cum Laude), and a Master of Arts in Women’s Studies from Texas Woman’s University. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Computing, Communications and Technology in Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Tara’s research interests include media literacy and production, computer programming, curriculum design, networks, and identity. 




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